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Daily visits to /tng/searchform.php
Daily visits to /tng/searchform.php
Today 2018-10-236 pageviews4 visitors
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Busy day: January 23, 2017 (260 pageviews)
Quiet day: June 20, 2015 (4 pageviews)
Access to /tng/searchform.php
Access to /tng/searchform.php
Yandex: 13 hitshttp://slekt.​net/tng/index.​php2,839 hits
Google: cache:5r5v04yo8qqj:sle...7 hitshttp://slekt.​net/tng/searchfor...2,080 hits
Bing: kirkebok for ofoten 1 hithttp://slekt.​net/tng/surnames.​...133 hits
Bing: "anders brynlund" bj&osl...1 hithttp://slekt.​net/tng/showrepor...133 hits
Yandex: hithttp://slekt.​net/tng/famsearch...113 hits
  http://slekt.​net/tng/31 hits
  http://slekt.​net/tng/whatsnew.​...28 hits
  http://slekt.​net/tng/ahnentafe...24 hits
  http://slekt.​net/tng/search.​ph...23 hits
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